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Slideshows incorporating synchonized sound are the form of visual/audio presentation more frequently adopted by the school during the 1970’s. Eduardo Sérgio is responsible for the implementation of Audiovisuals at Ar.Co, training in this area starting as the school opens in 1973/74. Eduardo Sérgio creates the Audiovisual Studio which also accepts outside orders, promoting the technology in question and its different applications. The contents for the slideshow compositions produced by the school are either Ar.Co’s own activities or the creation of specific authors (under photographic form, or other). In the training programs, the slideshow is associated with cinema, photography and sound: Ana Hatherly and Eduardo Sérgio are responsible for the course subject “cinema/slideshow” in 1976/77 and, in the following year, Eduardo Sérgio will have the collaboration of Maria do Carmo Galvão Teles (Photography) and Mário César Soares (Sound). The “compositions” have an informative, plastic/visual, documentary or fictional nature and deal with a variety of subjects and themes (places, stories, theoretical narratives, social contexts, activity fields, authors’ practices). Until de mid 1980’s Ar.Co will promote, train, experiment and produce in this area, receiving more and more attention from private entities, associations, municipalities and state services. There are many travelling presentations and new initiatives emerge around the slideshow’s artistic and technical aspects (“1º Festival Nacional de Portalegre – Diaporama 81”, where Ar.Co ranks in both the 1st and the second places). Authors include Eduardo Sérgio, José Octávio, Carmo Romão, Jorge Varanda, Roberto Barbosa, Manuel Silveira Ramos, Eduardo Trigo de Sousa, Maria do Carmo Galvão Teles and Fernando Varanda.


  • Large 1973   fazendo o diaporama para a fil

    Preparing a slideshow presentation for FIL Lisbon, 1973.

  • Large o pil o de ouro 1979 jorge varanda 02 baixa

    Jorge Varanda. Slideshow "The Golden Pestle", 1979.

  • Large diaporama jo o cutileiro   1981   m  carmo galv o teles e msr   xxxx3

    Image from "Uma Escultura Um Dia / One Sculpture ne Day". Slideshow about João Cutileiro by Manuel Silveira Ramos, Maria do Carmo Galvão Teles and José Octávio, 1981.

  • Large diaporama ben  o do gado   msr   21.02.1981   1

    Image from "Benção do Gado". Slideshow by Manuel Silveira Ramos and Maria do Carmo Galvão Teles, 1981.

  • Large a diaporama pedra carmop romao 1987 01

    Carmo Romão. Slideshow "Stone", 1987.

  • Large o pil o de ouro 1979 jorge varanda 01 baixa

    Jorge Varanda. Slideshow "The Golden Pestle", 1979.

  • Large diaporama o peixe milagroso jorge varanda 1979 01

    Jorge Varanda. "The Miraculous Fish" (a Grimm story). Ar.Co, Lisbon, 1979.

  • Large a diaporama sobre jo o vieira por carmo rom o 1987 02

    Slideshow on artist João Vieira, 1987.

  • Large diaporama manuel silveira ramos 1980 picturesque fishing por 01 baixa

    from the slideshow "Picturesque Fishing Port" by Manuel Silveira Ramos and José Octávio, 1980.