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Youth Courses

Training programs specially conceived for young people (12 – 15 years old) take place at Ar.Co already in 1973/74, in areas as diverse as sculpture, painting, drawing, photography, theatre and body expression. With some intervals in time, and taking different forms, youth programs continue until today. They can happen as part of the school’s initiatives, be “ordered” by other institutions or take the form of Ar.Co’s participation in programs organized by other national or international entities.  Depending on which case it is, “young people” will tend to designate different age groups: Ar.Co conceives its Youth Programs for ages 10 to 15, but more official or institutional organizations may raise these limits to comprise ages 18 to 24. In either case, Youth Programs will always be introductory in nature and will aim at developing a sensitivity to materials, techniques, methodologies and disciplinary procedures. This will be done differently, of course, according to the age groups considered, but Ar.Co never conceives of Youth Programs as being merely entertaining - they’re opportunities for real training, meant to awaken individual interests and capabilities in the context of a strong group involvement. In 1999, the school also launches Summer Youth Ateliers (ages 10 to 14), where participants have access to a multiplicity of training areas over a period of 2 weeks (Photography + Drawing + Painting + Jewellery + Comics + Typography).

  • Large sabados com craincas gcostacabral 1973

    Sessions for Young People - Sculpture, Painting, Drawing, Photography, Theatre and Bodily Expression. May-Jul 1974. Graça Costa Cabral.

  • Large cartaz sess es para jovens 1974

    Poster for youth sessions, Ar.Co, 1974.

  • Large bes 2007 video jorge e maria jorge martins

    Youth Couses BES, 2007 - Cinema. Ar.Co, Lisbon.

  • Large sess es jovens 1974

    Youth sessions. 1974.

  • Large cursos verao jovens fotografia 2007

    Summer Youth Courses 2007 - Photography. Ar.Co, Lisbon.

  • Large atelier jovens 2001 bela silva

    Youth Ateliers with Bela Silva. Ar.Co, Lisbon, 2001.

  • Large ph cabau 2002

    Ar.Co Youth Course at CCB - Belém Cultural Centre, 2002. Marcelo Costa with guest teachers. Session with Philip Cabau.

  • Large 2007 cursos verao stjulians   ilustra ao 002

    Ar.Co Summer Courses at St. Julian's School, Carcavelos - Illustration, 2007.

  • Large img 0812xxxx

    Ar.Co's Open Day at St. Julian's School, Carcavelos, 2007.

  • Large c verao 2012 j migueisxxxx

    Summer Youth Courses with João Miguéis, Ar.Co, Lisbon, 2012. Group work.

  • Large arcocursver2014 0044xxxx

    Summer youth course with Rita Thomaz, "Materials and Expression"/Drawing. 2014.