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In a variety of different ways, cinema has a strong and lasting presence in Ar.Co’s life. When the school opens in 1973 cinema is already a training area (integrated in the Image/Audiovisuals department, with Luís Galvão Teles and Ana Hatherly providing pedagogical guidance). In 1976/77 the course subject “cinema/slideshow” belongs in the Audiovisuals studio, Ana Hatherly remaining in charge of cinema. Films are made at Ar.Co, but also shown: in what amounts to a world premiere, Harry Holtzman shows in the school the movie on Mondrian’s studio, before taking it to MOMA in New York. Portuguese filmmakers wishing to show their movies also find an open door at Ar.Co (Luís Noronha da Costa; Noémia Delgado who exhibits first-hand “Máscaras” at Ar.Co). Last but not least, the school shows the great cinema classics. Ar.Co’s vast and continuous programing of movies happens mainly between 1973 and 1980. The collaboration with other entities - the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga until 1975, a vast number of embassies and institutes - is crucial to the success of these initiaves, but an agreement made with Manuel Félix Ribeiro, Director of the Cinemateca Nacional at the time, makes Ar.Co “substitute” that same institution for almost a decade (its activity having ceased temporarily with the closing of the Palácio Foz). Finally, cinema is also (in the 1970’s and beginning of the 1980’s) an area for which Ar.Co provides contents, frequently emerging also as promotor and producer: Ar.Co and Cinequipa’s produce 5 films (“Imaginações da Matéria”) by João e Fernando Matos Silva in 1979 for National television’s channel, and the school invites Manuel de Oliveira to make a movie about the “International Symposium of Sculpture in Stone-Porto 85”. Training programs in the area of the movement image will only return to Ar.Co with Video, timidly in the 1980’s (Video is among the course subjects of the FRT Intensive Courses in 1986) and more systematically in the 1990’s, with the launching of brief Film and Video courses and workshops, as well as through the experiences of Ar.Co’s students in this area during their exchange traineeships in international schools (Pedro Paixão in 1996 and Pedro Tropa in 1997 at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Marina Reker at the School of Visual Arts in 1998/99). Edgar Pêra (1995) and Laurent Simões (1996 – 2003) provide orientation in short Video and Super-8mm and there is an Audio and Video Centre in school, that is connected to Sculpture in 1998/99 and ceases its activity in 2003/04. A more structured and also more ambitious training program in the area of movement image/sound arrives through a proposal presented un 2004 by Marcelo Costa. This leads to the creation of a course called “Video/Sound and New Art Media”, that becomes a full department in the following year and changes uts name twice: first to “Video/Audio and New Media” (2006/07) and then to “Cinema/Movement image” (2007/08 to the present).

  • Large inicia  o ao cinema com orienta  o de lu s galvao teles. 1973. jos  fonseca e costa.

    Introduction to Cinema, oriented by Luís Galvão teles, 1973. José Fonseca e Costa, guest teacher.

  • Large primeira experi ncia de pintura sobre pel cula orientada por ana hatherly entre 1974 a 1977 01

    First experiment of painting on film, oriented by Ana Hatherly. 1974-77.

  • Large still do filme realizado no curso cinema de anima  o orientado por ana hatherly 1978 79

    Still from film produced in the course "Animation Cinema". Orientation: Ana Hatherly. 1978/79.

  • Large programa cinema franc s 1982

    French cinema at Ar.Co, 1982.

  • Large filmes portugueses

    Portuguese Movies at Ar.Co. 1983.

  • Large arco 059 1976  robin fior

    Poster by Robin Fior for Cinema programming at Ar.Co, 1976.

  • Large  baixa 4858

    Short film by Teresa Areal Rothes in the "Autumn Show" 2016, Ar.Co, Quinta de S. Miguel, Almada.

  • Large still do video  instala  es do arco 25 anos de pedro tropa 1998 03

    Video "Ar.Co's facilities - 25 Years", Pedro Tropa, 1998 (still).

  • Large  mg 5660

    Film director João Pedro Rodrigues invites to speak at Ar.Co about his movie "The Ornithologist", October 2016.

  • Large diaporama   maio 2018

    "Diaporama" - filmic piece by Ar.Co students of the Cinema/Movement Image department at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation for Museum Day. May 2018.

  • Large a arkivos luso galaktikos edgar pera 1995

    Announcement sheet for videos "Arkivos Luso-Galáktikos" with author Edgar Pêra. Ar.Co, Lisbon, 1995.

  • Large still doexerc cio do curso livre cinema de anima  o orientado por manuel pires 1978

    Exercíse - Animation Cinema ourse with Manuel Pires, 1978 (still).