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The 70’s are the decade of Audiovisuals. Eduardo Sérgio is responsible for the first free course dealing with these technologies at Ar.Co in 1973/74. In the promotional leaflets of the time the Audiovisual Studio is mentioned as accepting orders “for the conception and execution of AV programs (slide show, multivision, slide sequence and still film)” and for “promoting introductory and specialisation courses in the field of Audiovisuals.” At Ar.Co, Audiovisuals become a technology and an area of training, production and promotion. For a while, they are also an omnipresent and constitutive element in performances, presentations and transdisciplinary (frequently improvised) experiments. In 1976/77 this sector is oriented by Ana Hatherly and Eduardo Sérgio, offering courses in “cinema/slide show”. Eduardo Sérgio will subsequently collaborate with Maria do Carmo Galvão Teles (Photography) and Mário César Soares (Sound). As a training and educational area Audiovisuals will last up to the 1980’s. The movement image will only return to Ar.Co’s programs with the creation of a Center for Audio and Video and the collaborations of Edgar Pêra (1995) and Laurent Simões (1996 - 2003), who provide orientation in short term courses in video and Super 8 movies. In 2004, Marcelo Costa proposes a new scheme for an ambitious experimental training program dealing with movement image and sound: “Video/Sound and New Art Media”. It becomes a department almost instantly and changes its name twice, first to “Video/Audio and New Media” (2006/07) and then to “Cinema/Movement Image” (2007/08).

  • Large eduardo s rgio 1973  02 baixa

    Audiovisuals. Eduardo Sérgio, 1973.

  • Large audiovisuais   m  carmo galv o teles   1  sem. 1978 79   1xxxx

    Audiovisuals, Ar.Co, 1978-79. Maria do Carmo Galvão Teles.

  • Large audiovisuais   m  carmo galv o teles   1  sem. 1978 79xxxx

    Audiovisuals. School year 1978-79.

  • Large gabinete audiovisual

    GAV's Promotion brochure, Ar.Co.