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In the school’s jargon, “experimental” is a mythical term, used to characterize its mode of teaching and learning. It refers less to the execution of an action whose results, whatever they may be, we accept beforehand, than to the effort and risk margin inherent in the intensive experience of repetition in practical training. If there is a “blindness” concerning the results it’s because these can’t (yet) be seen, experience being overtaken by the desire to elevate, surpass and transform oneself. From this point of view, exercise is itself the place of the “experimental”, where the person who experiments becomes both the material and the support of the experimentation. The “experimental” is therefore not a style, but the place with no end and no beginning where one teaches and learns.

  • Large expo exercicio arte contempo performance joao garcia 2008

    Exhibition "Exercise". Artecontempo, Lisbon, 2008. Performance by João Garcia.