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Rua de Santiago 13, 17, 19

The three buildings housed a metallurgic industry – the “Sociedade Industrial Metalúrgica” – since the beginning of the 20th Century and until its closing in 1986. The industrial nature of the spaces’ architecture and their being in the close vicinity of the school headquarters provide Ar.Co with an organic and functional extension of Rua de Santiago 18. In December of 1986, Ar.Co acquires from Júlio Ferry Borges and his wife the space at Rua de Santiago 19 (“urban building composed of two sheds”) for the sum of fifteen million escudos. The school sells half of these spaces to Adolfo Gutkin’s I.F.I.C.T. (Instituto de Formação, Investigação e Criação Teatral) and procedes to remodel and adapt, with the help of Eduardo Trigo de Sousa. In an initial phase, nº 19 will house Jewellery, Drawing and Painting. In January of 1989, the school acquires two more spaces (also property of the Ferry Borges couple): nº 13-A of Rua de Santiago (where Sculpture is first installed and, somewhat later, also Jewellery) and the urban building with the numbers 17 and 17A, of which only the ground floor will be used by the school, first as a studio/residence for invited artists and then later as a Painting studio.

  • Large rua santiago13

    Rua de Santiago 13-A, Lisbon. Part occupied by the Sculpture facilities.

  • Large rua de santiago 17

    Rua de Santiago, 17, Lisbon.

  • Large rua de santiago 19

    Rua de Santiago, 19, view of the furnace room.

  • Large rua de santiago 19 ii

    Rua de Santiago, 19, Lisbon, street level.