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All throughout the 1970’s it is difficult to say what exactly Ar.Co’s training consists of. Is it the school’s regular programing, that slowly but steadily tests itself? Is it the endless variety of events of all kinds that find their way into the welcoming space of Rua de Santiago 18? As the training programs become more structured and stable, the spectrum of the extra-curricular initiatives and projects tends to narrow down, though the school will keep its voccation to complement courses with presentations and interventions of outside guests. Not only Ar.Co believes that specialized training does not always allow for a multi-disciplinary dimension in learning and teaching, it also believes that other voices (whether they come from areas taught in school or not) can provide an antidote to school boredom. From the 1990’s onwards - with a competitive program and the school at the centre of the association’s concerns - Ar.Co will recover  a tradition of complementing classroom teaching with interventions by “outside agents”, that promote the student’s confrontation with specific worlds of experience and knowledge.

  • Large projec  o diapositivos ernesto de sousa 1973

    Announcement for conference with Ernesto de Sousa, Ar.Co, Lisbon, 1973.

  • Large arco 1977 gui bonsiepe 119

    Poster announcing conference with Gui Bonsiepe, Ar.Co, Lisbon, 1977.

  • Large a conf saint clair cemin 30 03 2000 d

    Meeting of sculptors: Saint Clair Cemin with Rui Sanches and Rui Chafes (back to camera). St Clair presented his work and views on art in a conference held at Ar.Co. Lisbon, 2000.

  • Large a conf hellmut wohl 1995

    Conference with Hellmut Wohl, Ar.Co, Lisbon, 1995.

  • Large conferencia jivan astfalk 2008 019xxxx

    Presentation by Jivan Astfalk, Ar.Co, Lisbon, 2008.

  • Large a michael craig martin confer arco 1993

    Conference with Michael Craig-Martin, Ar.Co, Lisbon, 1993.

  • Large a conf jose gil 1997

    Conference with José Gil, Ar.Co, Lisboa, 1997.

  • Large a conf paulo herkenhoff 99

    Conference with Paulo Herkenoff, Ar.Co, Lisbon, 1999.

  • Large workshop roger willems 2007 xxxx

    Meeting/presentation with Roger Willems, Ar.Co, Lisbon, 2007.

  • Large conferencia bruce high quality 08 003xxxx

    Meeting/presentation with J.T.Pellizzi (The Bruce High Quality Foundation), Ar.Co, Lisboa, 2008.

  • Large rachel raupke 03 08 031xxxx

    Meeting with Rachel Raupke. Ar.Co, Lisbon, 2008.

  • Large dscf6849xxxx

    Performance by Gustavo Sumpta at Ar.Co Lisbon, at the invitation of the Cinema/Movement Image department, 2014.

  • Large dscf8285neil rettig 2010xxxxx

    Talk by Neil Rettig, Ar.Co, Lisbon, 2010.

  • Large aula francisco tropa caf 2014 15   22.01.2015   7

    Open class with Francisco Tropa, Ar.Co Almada, Jan 2015. Image: António Jorge Silva.

  • Large p1302314

    Manuela de Sousa, invited artist/jeweller as part of the Jewellery department theoretical courses. 2015.

  • Large p1302319

    Manuel Júlio, invited artist/jeweller as part of the Jewellery department theoretical courses. 2015.

  • Large 03bp

    Open class with Bruno Pacheco, Ar.Co Almada, 2016.

  • Large  mg 5679

    Film director João Pedro Rodrigues talks about his movie "The Ornithologist". Ar.Co, Lisbon, October 2016.

  • Large conversa c joalh beppe kessler 15 fev 2017 xabregas reverso ar.co

    Talk with jeweller Beppe Kessler. A collaboration between Ar.Co and Reverso Gallery. Ar.Co Xabregas, Fev 2017.

  • Large conversa com fot grafo duarte belo  ar.co xabregas  jun 2018.

    Talk with photographer Duarte Belo. Ar.Co Xabregas, Jun 2018.

  • Large aulaaberta 01

    Open class with Alberto Velho Nogueira. Ar.Co Xabregas, 2019.