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As the school opens in 1973, Painting is already among the subjects that integrate the training program. It is present in the Introduction Semester Courses (with Rocha de Sousa, Alice Jorge and José Nuno da Câmara Pereira) and in the Basic Training Course under the names “2 Dimensions” (Manuel Costa Cabral) and “Color” (Eduardo Nery). João Hogan will be its assigned teacher when it integrates the Fine Arts sector (headed by Manuel Costa Cabral, with the collaboration of João Hogan himself, Eduardo Nery and also, in 1977, Graça Costa Cabral). In 1978/79 António Sena and José Nuno Câmara Pereira are responsible for the training in painting and António Sena will direct this area between 1979/80 and 1980/81. Ângelo de Sousa will join in (as guest teacher for an Intensive Open Course in Setember 1979) as will, in the following year, José Mouga, Rogério Ribeiro, Eduardo Batarda and Jorge Martins (the last two for September Summer Couses). In 1981/82 (and up to 1992/93) José Mouga is in charge of Painting, with the collaboration of teachers Manuel Costa Cabral, José Nuno Câmara Pereira, Rogério Ribeiro, António Sena, Jaime Silva, Glória Reynolds, Ivo Silva, Ana Leonor, José Alves and Verónica Nel. From 1987 onwards new collaborators are added: Pedro Calapez (1987/88), Carlos Augusto Ribeiro (1988/89), Luís França and João Jacinto (1989/90), as well as Filipe Franco (1990/91). Pedro Calapez is the new Head of department in 1993/1994. He retains the participations of  Carlos Augusto Ribeiro and Ivo Silva, while progressively adding to the list of new collaborations: João Queiroz, Ana Isabel Rodrigues, Maria João Salema, Ruth Rosengarten, Teresa Carrington, Manuel Botelho, Gabriela Albergaria and Marta Wengorovius. The Painting department diversifies its course offers (namely by starting Night Courses in 1996), reinforces the importance of evaluations and experiments with new course subjects. In 1998 Painting merges with Drawing to form a single department, initially run by Miguel Branco and Pedro Calapez (and from 2000 onwards by Miguel Branco only). The Drawing department’s consolidated training experience extends itself to Painting: periodical evaluations, sharing of courses and of teachers (who may appear in diferent levels and diferent course subjects), a systematic practice of exhibiting the work and a very strong emphasis on Drawing classes. Studio work hours become part of the program for the 3 levels of the Basic Training Course and there are new collaborations: Armanda Duarte, Ângelo Encarnação, Berta Ehrlich, Paulo Brighenti and António Marques (who will become the most constant teacher in Level 1, emphasizing the technical and thematic aspects of painting and regularly organizing museum guided tours). João Queiroz contributes to the ellaboration of the department’s practical exercises and creates technical workshops within the subject courses that he teaches (encaustic technique, oil, observation drawing), sometimes in an intensive regime or as resident teacher. Paulo Brighenti also gives periodical workshops as a resident teacher for Level 1. The double department’s staff will progressively include teachers trained at Ar.co, such as André Almeida e Sousa, António Poppe, Thierry Simões, Rui Moreira, Marcelo Costa, Rui Patacho, Jorge Nesbitt, João Miguéis and Manuel Caldeira. Youth courses are strongly promoted, both in Drawing/Painting and in collaboration with other departments. Printing will also become part of  the full programs, with Madalena Parreira and Hugo Amorim. Teachers from the History/Theory area will also participate in the practical training (Philip Cabau, Manuel Castro Caldas). In 2006 the workshop “Author’s Drawing”, with the participation of invited artists, will be included in the department’s program. In 2008, Drawing will again become an autonomous department (directed by Paulo Brighenti; while Painting is directed by Miguel Branco). Training will be centred on studio practice and the department will insist on attention being paid to the students’ individual progress. In 2012/13 both departments again merge into a single one, whose direction is shared by Paulo Brighenti and Marcelo Costa (and, in 2014, by Miguel Branco and Marcelo Costa).

  • Large at. pintura inicia  o 1979 1

    Painting studio. Introduction level. 1979. Ar.Co, Lisbon.

  • Large est gio intensivo de pintura 1 na quinta da pratas   cartaxo   1983

    Intensive Painting Traineeship at Quinta das Pratas, Cartaxo, 1983. Manuel Costa Cabral and Ivo.

  • Large still do video  instala  es do arco 25 anos de pedro tropa 1998 04

    Class on encaustics for Painting Level 2. João Queiroz. 1998.

  • Large dsc01102

    Paiting Summer Course. Ar.Co, Lisbon, September 2004.

  • Large j catarino 201

    Jackie Catarino. "Untitled", 2004. Oil on canvas. 500 x 700 mm.

  • Large exp. bolseiros e finalistas do ar

    Ricardo Valentim. "Untitled (Clans series)", 2001. Acrylic on canvas, 230 x 190 cm.

  • Large nuno ribeiro

    Nuno Ribeiro. "Untitled", 2005. Oil on canvas, 73 x 100 cm.

  • Large img 5424

    Painting 3 studio, Autumn Show 2010, Quinta de S. Miguel, Almada.

  • Large dsc0047

    Almada studios, Painting by Pedro Calhau. 2010.

  • Large aula de pintura a jangada do medusa 2013

    "The Raft of the Medusa (after Géricault)" - reenactment at António Marques' class, 2013.

  • Large dscf3750

    Guided tour by João Queiroz for the Drawing/Painting department. Exhibtion of the artist at the Museu da Cidade, Lisboa. 2013.

  • Large l1220282xxxx

    Workshop "Tableaux Vivants", with António Marques and João Miguéis. Ar.co, Lisbon, 2016.

  • Large img 0025

    Exercise for Level 2 of Painting/Drawing, with Marcelo Costa. Ar.Co Xabregas, Jun 2019.