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Theatre - be it under traditional formats or as a dimension of more experimental and multi-disciplinary performances - constitutes an important part of Ar.Co’s activity programs during the first decade of the school’s existence. The Companhia de Ópera Buffa (that in the meantime adopts the name Marionetas de S. Lourenço e o Diabo) holds the record of appearances. Many other groups and experimentations, however, deserve to be mentioned: the Oficina de Teatro Os Psiconautas, the Colectivos Faz Tudo, the Grupo O Novo Teatro, the Teatro da Cantina Velha, the experiments of  Miguel Yeco or of the Grupo de Teatro Alta Recriação. Performance reappears frequently over the years, in connection with training methodologies (in workshops or courses) and in specifoc works by students or invited artists.

  • Large arco 123

    Poster for "A Grade" by the theatre workshop Os Psiconautas. 1976. Design Robin Fior.

  • Large shelter 1978

    Julião Sarmento and Patrick Mohr. Ar.Co, Lisbon, 1978.

  • Large desdob. performance  de composi  o   identidade de jos  oliveira   1982

    Brochure for performance "(de)composition - identity" by José Oliveira, 1982.

  • Large arco 125

    "Pessoa's", a play by Miguel Yeco, Ar.Co, Lisbon, 1981.

  • Large arco 321

    "Le Temps Du Regard", travelling multimedia performance with Michala Marcus, Carlos Zíngaro, Kent Carter and Joel Capella Lardeux. Organized by Ar.Co/Instituto Franco-Português, 1985.

  • Large arcobolsfin2012 0151

    Natália Olarte. Performance in connection with Jewellery during the exhibition "Scholarship Students & Finalists 2001". Palácio Galveias, Lisbon, 2012.

  • Large arcoexpout2014 0142

    "Dois Cantos, acção ao vivo". Performance by Ana Jotta and Miguel Vieira Baptista, Quinta de S. Miguel, Almada, 2014.

  • Large  mg 0962

    Miguel Branco, Tiago Barbosa and students. Workshop/Performance at the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga, Lisbon, 2013.

  • Large untitled 00000

    Beniko Tanaka. Video of Performance "Welcome to primordial Fire" (2010) at the exhibition "Scholarship Students & Finalists 10". Palácio Galveias, Lisbon. 2011.

  • Large arco 173

    Poster (back) for "Maria Parda", based on texts by Gil Vicente. Marionetas de S. Lourenço e o Diabo, 1978. Design Robin Fior.

  • Large dscf6838xxxx

    Performance by Gustavo Sumpta at Ar.Co Lisbon, as part of the program of the Cinema/Movement Image department, 2014.