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Ilustrarte - International Biennial for Children's Illustration 2007

1360 illustrators from 60 countries compete in 2007 in this well reputed international initiative. On the basis of a protocol signed with the “Ver P´ra Ler” Association , students from the Illustration/Comics department develop projects in children’s illustration that are presented at the Biennal under the general title “Ilustração para a Infância no Ar.Co/Children’s Illustration at Ar.Co”. The exhibition takes place between December 8 and 31 at the Auditório Augusto Cabrita in Barreiro. The participants are Tiago Albuquerque, Mafalda Casais, Inês Casais, Madalena Pereira. Monia Nilsen, Vasco Gargalo, Vanessa Rodrigues, Tiago Albuquerque, Madalena Pereira, Susana Carvalhinhos, Tiago Martins, Inês Casais and Mafalda Casais.

  • Large tikbalang capa

    Ilustrarte 2007. Illustrations by Tiago Albuquerque for front and back cover of Juanita e o Tikbalang.

  • Large ilustrate 1

    Ilustrarte 2007, Auditório Augusto Cabrita, Barreiro. Presentation of the Biennial.

  • Large ilustrate 2

    Ilustrarte 2007, Auditório Augusto Cabrita, Barreiro.

  • Large tiago albuquerque banner

    Ilustrarte 2007. Banner by Tiago Albuquerque.

  • Large ilustrate 3

    Ilustrarte 2007, Auditório Augusto Cabrita, Barreiro.